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Especificaciones Tablet PC DR8-Android

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características clave:

  • Water / Dust IP65
  • Sun readable, long battery 9h
  • Vibration MILSTD-810 G
  • Drop 1.2 m, Temp -10°C ~50°C
  • Options GPS, barcode, RFID

The DR8-A Tablet PC is a full rugged and powerfully equipped tablet PC. This rugged tablet PC integrated with 8” capacitive touch screen and a high performance, low power consumption Android 4.4. With options for a 2D barcode scanner, smart card reader, RFID, and dual front & rear camera, these rugged tablets offer seamless information capture for immediate transmission. DR8-A is a fan less design and compliant IP65 water and dust proof protection. This robust tablet PC DR8-A works up to full 10 hours with one time battery charge. With an outdoor-viewable display integrated with touch screen, ability to operate between -10 and 50°C, the rugged DR8-A Tablet PC performs efficient outdoor as well. It offers a blend of performance, integrated features and mobility.

resistencia mecánica:
Résistance vibration MIL-STD810G MIL-STD-810G-514.6,E-2 Sine MIL-STD-810G-514.6,E-1 Random chute 1,2m 4 coins, 4 cotés, 2 Faces
Sans ventilateur

Resistente al Polvo y agua
IP65: IP65, poussière: IEC 60529 13.4 test Edition 2.1 2001-2, Eau: IEC 60529 14.1/14.2.5 test Edition 2.1 2001-2

Temperatura Funcionamiento:
-10 à 50°C

Temperatura almacenamiento
-20 à 70°C

Comentarios Temperatura:
Sans condensation

Entrée 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, sortie 16V, 4A

Batterie interne, une cellule DC 3.7V, 920mAh
Batterie arrière standard, 3SP, 3 Cellules, DC 11.1V, 3100mAh
Batterie arrière OPTION, 3S2P, 6 Cellules, DC 11.1V, 6200mAh
Supporte échange à chaud en état

251 x 181 x 30

1 Kg

CE, FCC, RoHS compliant